Meet your new team of Real Estate ISAs who specialize lead conversion.

Meet your new team of Real Estate ISAs who specialize in lead conversion.

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Fredericksburg, VA Listing for 400K!

February 16, 20232 min read

"We are just waiting for the bank to approve the sale, already under contract in 3 days after listing! Thank you!"
-Client Feedback Received, January 5 2023


How soon is too soon to sell a house after buying? In today's story, this lead had just purchased their new home three months ago and are now in need of selling ASAP! They didn't intend on this, but due to a family emergency they had to sell, move, and get to their family as quickly as possible. This was an unpredictable predicament for them to be in. They made a tough, but best possible decision they could to sell their home and go to their family where they were needed.

So, what are their options? We generated this lead and sent it to one of our client's who knew exactly what to do. This was rated a highly valuable lead by our team and that showed to be true, lets see how.

Leadspring Notes

These are our team's notes that were taken and sent to the client:

Rating: 8
Reason: Needs to sell right away and move out of state for a family emergency.

Timeframe: ASAP. No realtor.


Steven needs to sell right away even though he has not owned the property for very long. He bought just 3 months ago. He has a family emergency in Texas and needs to be there. The house is in great shape and is ready to list. He has not talked to a realtor. Purchased in Sept for $410K. Nice guy.

3 beds, 2.5 baths, 1666 sq ft, .30 acres, built in 1992.


This lead was unsure of their options and the best way to sell their property in such a short time after purchasing. Our client presented them with the appropriate option of a short listing sale, which worked out well! They listed the house and had a sale pending just 3 days later. This was the quick action the lead needed and was successful in finding, starting with us here at Leadspring ISA.

This story had a great ending for both the homeowner and our client!

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