Listing Lead Generation & ISA Services

Meet your new team of Real Estate ISAs who specialize lead conversion.

Listing Lead Generation & ISA Services

Meet your new team of Real Estate ISAs who specialize in lead conversion.

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Great lead!

Franklin, MA Listing for 850K!

February 21, 20232 min read

"I had a really good conversation with the seller. He wants to sell the Franklin home and live in FL full time. Thank you!"
-Client Feedback Received February 7, 2023


Today's case study is about a lead who had a beautifully set back home surrounded by forest foliage in Franklin, MA. On 10 acres of land, this 6 bedroom home is a woodland oasis for nature lovers. The seller had owned this home for almost 30 years. They were ready to sell their family home in Massachusetts and move to Florida for a full time residency.

Our team followed up with this lead twice, confirming it was hot and ready to be sent to one of our agents! The homeowner was currently in Florida and wanted to get their Massachusetts home sold ASAP so they could focus on their new, permanent life in the sunshine state.

Leadspring Rating & Notes

Rating: 8
Reason: Motivated to sell and move out of state.

Timeframe: 1 - 3 months. No realtor.


Bruce is ready to sell his house and become a full-time resident at his place in Florida. He is in Florida now. His timeframe to sell is right away. His house is in excellent shape and ready to list. Nice guy. Has not talked to a realtor.

6 beds, 2.5 baths, 2978 sw ft lot, 10.84 acres, built in 1994.


As you can see, there wasn't a lot to this case when it came to the information of who, what, where and why this homeowner wanted to sell. The homeowner was so confident in moving to Florida full time that they were already there, they just needed to find a Realtor to list their other house. That factor is what determined the validity of this lead. We took the tedious part away of generating and confirming this lead, now it was easy work with a great commission for our client!

The leads we generate all have their own unique stories and reasons for selling. Most leads all have the same thing in common: they have a short timeline with no current Realtor! These two key factors are what sets the leads apart from a warm lead to a HOT lead.

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